5 Reasons Why Being Friends with Your Ex is a BIG No-no

Let’s face it, you can’t make friends with your ex. They aren’t called “ex” for no reason, and there are various things you will be risking once you engage in a friendly relationship with someone you were romantically linked before.

While some are open to the idea of being friends with their exes, there are 5 good reasons why you shouldn’t be friends with your exes, let alone in a “BFF” level.

You might hook up again

The drift must come from something serious that you decide to call it quits. This alone is a signal why you shouldn’t be friends with someone who didn’t treat you right or someone you had issues with. If ever you’ve settled things before you part ways, never forget what your ex did but leave no bitterness in your system.

Divorce Advice: 3 Things You Need To Know To Get Over An Ex, According To Our Readers

Divorce Advice: 3 Things You Need To Know To Get Over An Ex, According To Our Readers

Having a new relationship can get tough

There are plenty of fishes in the sea, but you sure wouldn’t want to get along with someone who might make you feel insecure if you’d be in a relationship. If you’re single and ready to mingle, you want to meet someone who doesn’t have an “excess baggage” from the past. In order for a relationship to mature, couples must have security from their partners.

My Ex Wants To Be 'Friends with Benefits'

My Ex Wants To Be ‘Friends with Benefits’

You can’t point out clear boundaries

If you had years together with your ex, they may have known 90% of who you are and what you are. You shared things together, did things together, and had the same opinions or conflicts in a lot of things. If you’d be friends with them, you may end up thinking this: “You saw me naked, I saw you naked, and now we’re drinking soda while talking about how the weather is like.” No thanks.

It’s hard to set a boundary for someone who knew you too well. There are things that you don’t want your typical friend to know, and this wouldn’t be possible if your friend is someone whom you had a relationship with.

You can’t be yourself if you’d hang out with your ex as a friend

When you’re with your friends, you become the person you aren’t when you’re alone. Perhaps, you may laugh louder and sillier. Can you be like this if you’re ex is around? Most probably not. You will never look at your ex the same way again, and same goes to him or her. Acting the way you used to when your ex is around is near impossible, and you don’t want such inconvenience when you’re with your other friends.

Moving on can be extra difficult

Any kind of break-up is hard especially if you’ve shared a lot of things with your ex. It’s even harder if you’ll continue seeing each other, minus the romance factor. Feelings won’t fade easily, and for you to get over the pain, the “no contact” rule always works.

To start things afresh, avoiding the things that can make you remember all the memories works most of the time including not talking to your ex for the time being.

Final Thoughts

Although you have all the right reasons not to be friends, there are some instances that call for a civil (if not friendly) connection with your ex such as having a kid with them. In terms of child rearing, you can dismiss all those reasons and think about the welfare of your children first before your issues.

Aside from such excuse, setting a clear boundary and saying no to the friendship zone that your ex offers would be the best thing you can do for yourself and for your future relationship.

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The Top Five Modern Gadgets Individuals Must Have

There are lots of gadgets existing in the market these days, and all are recognized for their own humble way of making people’s lives more convenient and comfortable. A broad selection of gadgets is now made available and individuals can freely choose which gadgets suit their needs.

Reasons Why Individuals Need Modern Gadgets

Gadgets play particular functions, and individuals use these for their intended purposes. There are actually lots of reasons why individuals need and use modern gadgets, but the major thing is that they use these gadgets for convenience. There are actually lots of reasons why individuals need gadgets but every reason still depends on individual needs and purposes.

Must-have gadgets for vacations

Must-have gadgets for vacations

Discover the Top 5 Must-Have Gadgets

The HDTVs or high definition televisions are essential gadgets individuals must have these days. These gadgets adapt the high definition technology that helps in delivering the best television experience to individuals. There is a growing demand for these gadgets today, and this is the reason why this is included in the list of gadgets individuals must have. With HDTVs, people can now fully enjoy crisper sounds and clearer pictures. These gadgets are indeed the perfect epitome of quality, efficiency and excellence.

Must-have gadgets for vacations

Must-have gadgets for vacations

The GPS devices or gadgets are also significant tools essential for modern living. Though some devices are already installed with GPS, it is still beneficial to have the stand-alone GPS. These gadgets allow individuals to locate a spot with just a minimum effort. With the introduction of the 3D GPS, individuals can now take advantage of more features and benefits in terms of area tracking and global positioning.

The iPhone is also included in the top 5 gadgets individuals must have because this is definitely regarded as a total package. This compact and sleek looking device has features of a media player, GPS, internet, phone and MP3 player all rolled into one. Getting this gadget will make you feel as if you have all other modern gadgets at your disposal.

Another gadget that must be included in the list is the digital camera. This gadget is highly in demand because it stores and records digital images. Individuals can also take videos turned into digital form.

Laptops are the most famous gadgets that almost everyone dreams to have. These gadgets offer wider functions that individuals can take advantage of in this modern and fast changing world. The technology has successfully laid its remarkable involvement in creating these gadgets, making all of them highly capable of uplifting and improving the quality of life of modern day men and women.

Benefits Offered by Modern Gadgets

Gadgets come in different styles, colors, designs and sizes, but all have their own useful functions. These gadgets deliver numerous benefits that users can truly enjoy and appreciate. Some gadgets are small and light in weight, allowing you to bring these wherever you go. Individuals can rely on these gadgets in terms of file storage, entertainment, recording and more.

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Smartphone Apps to Help You Lose Weight

A lot of people turn to diet, exercise and different weight-loss programs to help them lose weight. There are also those that turn to their nutritionists to know the right approach to achieve their dream weight. Still there are also those who turn to books to help them lose weight. These are good approaches in their quest for the right weight but there is now a trend where people turn to their smartphones in the weight loss program.

The age of smartphones

On the first look, it is very convenient for them because they can just download the app and they can bring it anywhere they are. The next question would now be about its effectiveness in helping them lose weight. There are many who claim that indeed it is important to understand what really the app is about and when it is used properly, it can be as effective as a fitness instructor minus the talking and nagging. Here are some of the popular smartphone apps that you can download so you can have your dream weight anytime soon.

How Android App Can Help You To Lose Weight

How Android App Can Help You To Lose Weight


The rule of this app is quite simple. If you have more time to exercise you have more chances of winning. Your progress has to be inputted in the app. When you reach a set of points, you can claim your prize through orders or through mail. You will receive surprises once you get the most points.

Smartphone apps are helping monitor weight loss

Smartphone apps are helping monitor weight loss


If you are a person who can’t commit to a schedule, this might be the answer to your prayers. From the name of the app, you will set your weekly schedule and the amount of money that you are willing to pay if you will be absent to your schedule. If you won’t to go to the gym, you will pay for the amount of money that you have set. The money will be given to those who were able to commit to their schedule.


This is a popular weight loss app that has similar premise with KickStart. Before you can start, the app will ask pledges from your friends in the form of money. You will then set a target date as well as a reward once you hit your target. The reward can be any gadget that you like. Once you hit your target, you’ll be able to get all the money but if you don’t make it, the money will return to the donors.

With the help of these apps, everything has been made easier. Most of these apps can be configured to send you reminders to watch your meal or the schedule of your next session. This may be annoying at first but once you see the results, you will truly appreciate the functions of these smartphone apps. Losing weight is no longer about eating food and sweets but it is now also how consistent you are in following your weight loss app. Smartphones truly have a solid influence in our lives including our diet loss program.

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Outlive Your Retirement Savings with These 5 Strategies

Many people are looking into retirement because of the benefits that they can get from it. Aside from the retirement pay that you will receive, you also have your retirement savings. However, outliving your retirement savings can be challenging. The cost of living nowadays is so expensive that there is a high possibility you will exhaust all your retirement savings. There are strategies though that can help you extend your savings and aid you in managing your finances until the time you take your final rest.

1. Managing your withdrawals accordingly

This is one of the most obvious strategies if you want to outlive your retirement savings. This strategy is actually betting on chances, the chance of living longer, and your luck on investments. If you take this route to outlive your savings, it is best that you think well on how you should spend your money.

Don’t Outlive Your Money During Retirement!

Don’t Outlive Your Money During Retirement!

2. Pay off your mortgage

One of the biggest challenges when you retire is paying monthly bills. House mortgage will consume a big part of your budget. Paying your mortgage while you still have the money can be beneficial for you in the long run. You do not only eliminate one of your monthly dues, but you now have the flexibility to sign up for a second mortgage or a reverse mortgage. You also have a resource that you can tap in case your savings get exhausted.

3. Spend your pension wisely

It is not uncommon for employers to give away retirement plans or pensions. Pensions are provided by the company as a source of income when an employee retires. During retirement this money will be given to the employee depending on the company’s policies. In the past it was given on a monthly basis, but nowadays it is given as a lump sum. To outlive your retirement savings, it is best to make use of your pension wisely and not to be carried away with the lump sum in your hands.

Mortality uplift: how to avoid outliving your savings

Mortality uplift: how to avoid outliving your savings

4. Take advantage of Social Security

Outliving your retirement savings will become a mere road bump if you have Social Security. Social Security can give you a sure income for the rest of your life. Check your Social Security statement and see how you can take advantage of this benefit. Most financial advisers will tell you to increase your pay and delay claiming up to age 70. This move will make you receive a bigger amount.

5. Get an annuity through insurance companies

Another guaranteed way to have a monthly income is to enroll yourself to an annuity. Find an insurance company that offers this service. This works by giving part of your retirement savings to an insurance company and in return they will give you a monthly paycheck. Though the cost of this strategy is high and you may not be able to leave some money to your heirs, it assures you that you will receive a steady monthly income.

Using these strategies will help you outlive your savings. Even if you have other sources of income, you can still exhaust your savings if you are not careful in spending your money. Be wise in managing your finances so retirement will be a fulfilling phase of your life.

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5 Mistakes on Pay-Per-Click That Will Eat Your Money Up!

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the easiest and fastest ways to gather more potential customers to your company’s website. This works by utilizing tools such as Yahoo Search Marketing, Google AdWords, and the likes to display your ads in the sponsored results section whenever someone uses the particular search engine. Every time the ad to the site is clicked, the particular business owner ought to pay a fee in every click.

Although it may be an efficient advertising strategy, using the PPC can be a bit risky if not done correctly. Whether or not you’re new to PPC, you ought to know the 5 mistakes you should be avoiding to keep your business going.

  1. Redirecting each click to your home page.

When you are running a PPC ad of a product you are selling, in which more details are shown on your website, you might be able to make a mistake of sending your visitors to your website’s home page once the ad is clicked. Not only will your potential customer go through the hassle of navigating through your website’s pages just to find that particular product he wanted, his every click would also mean another penny down the drain.

Affordable Pay Per Click Services

Affordable Pay Per Click Services

  1. Redirecting customers to your contact page.

Some business owners might make the grave mistake of redirecting their ad to their website’s contact page in the hopes of leading their customers to subscribe to newsletter opt-ins or fill out lead generation submission forms. Not only will you risk the possibility of your visitors getting confused in each click, you will also be running afoul the guidelines of PPC platforms.

5 Mistakes on Pay-Per-Click

5 Mistakes on Pay-Per-Click

  1. Not split-testing your ad text.

Don’t go wrong in running your PPC ads without first testing them. This should be done in order to produce a more effective result. Split-testing is done by creating a lot of versions of your ads’ text and publishing the on each of your PPC ad groups. This way, you are able to determine which specific keywords are clicked the most.

  1. Settling with “broad match” keywords.

Whenever your target keyword phrase is looked up in a search engine, that’s when broad match keyword ads are displayed as well. It may allow great traffic potential, but you will be sacrificing relevant searches instead and in the long run, waste a significant amount of money because of them. It may be better to set your ads in their exact match phrases. Although traffic will decrease, you will be getting more relevant clicks anyway.

  1. Avoiding negative keywords.

Since most people will fail to use negative keywords to draw more traffic, they will be missing out the number of relevant searches that will influence their campaign. By not taking advantage of using negative keywords, you may risk a lot of irrelevant clicks which will give your money away eventually.

Dealing with PPC advertising could make or break the success of your business. Use it correctly and you will be able to get through the advertising process in a breeze.

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